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Easy To Assemble Membrane Switch Overlay Moisture Proof And Long Service Life

Easy To Assemble Membrane Switch Overlay Moisture Proof And Long Service Life

  • High Light

    0.2mm Membrane Switch Overlay


    SGS Membrane Switch Overlay


    4.0mm Membrane Switches Graphic Overlays

  • Max Size
  • Processing Thickness
  • Copper Foil Substrate Thickness
    18μ(1/ 2OZ ),35μ( 1OZ ),70μ( 2OZ )
  • Common Material
    FR-4 , CEM-3 , CEM-1, Polytetrachloroethylene,FR-1(94V0,94HB)
  • Applications
    Mobile Phone, Computer And LCD Screen
  • Keyword
    Membrane Switch
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001:2008, SGS,Rohs
  • Model Number
    Membrane Switch
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Polybag per pcs,50per cartoon
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    T/T or L/C
  • Supply Ability
    100000Pieces per month

Easy To Assemble Membrane Switch Overlay Moisture Proof And Long Service Life

Easy To Assemble Membrane Switch Overlay Moisture Proof And Long Service Life​

Membrane switch has good waterproof, dustproof, oilproof, harmful gas corrosion resistance, stable and reliable performance, light weight, small size, long life, convenient assembly, the panel can be washed without damage to the characters, rich in color, beautiful and generous, etc. advantage. Make your products more contemporary with membrane switches. The main type of membrane switch The membrane switch panel is a rigid or flexible printed circuit board as the substrate, with touch or no touch buttons installed, and then covered with plastic (polycarbonate PC, polyester PET, etc.) printed with colorful decorative patterns. Etc.) The electronic component composed of thin film panel, which integrates switch function and decorative function, is a new type of human-machine dialogue interface. The connection between the switch circuit and the whole machine can be completed by welding or plugging.
Membrane switch, also known as light-touch keyboard, adopts an integral sealing structure composed of flat multi-layers. The new type of electronic components is a fundamental change in the appearance and structure of electronic products. It can replace the keys of conventional discrete components and perform the tasks of the operating system more reliably.
PET Membrane Switch Overlay Description:
The main technical indicators
1. Max size: single sided, double sided:600mm * 500mm  Multi-layer: 400mm * 600mm
2. Processing thickness:0.2mm -4.0mm

3 Copper foil substrate thickness: 18μ(1/ 2OZ ),35μ( 1OZ ),70μ( 2OZ )
4 Common material: FR-4 , CEM-3 , CEM-1, Polytetrachloroethylene,FR-1(94V0,94HB)
5. Light copper,Nickel-plated,Gilded,HAL;Immersion Gold,Antioxidant,HASL,Immersion Tin,etc.


Product Description
Overlay Material
Artwork Format
CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator AI, AutoCAD, CDR
Pantone and RALcolor matching system
Keys Options
Tactile: metal domes or poly domes
Non-tactile: flat button, printed silver spot on the circuit
Connector Tail
Zero insertion force(ZIF) with 0.5MM ,1.0MM,1.25MM pitch
Female connector with 2.54MM pitch
Circuitry option
Silver printed conductive inks, FPC, PCB
Screen printing, Semi-Auto matic printing, Automatic Printing
Clear or transparent, translucent, red/black/white/green etc transparent window
Glossy surface or matte surface
Rear Adhesive
3M467,3M468, 3M9080, 3M9495, 3M7959,3M9471, 3M300VHB, etc...
ISO9001, ISO14001,RoHS,CE,SGS

Process Capability
1. Drilling:The minimum diameter 0.1mm
2. Hole metallization:Minimum aperture 0.2mm,Thickness / aperture ratio 4:1
3. Wire width: Minimum:Gold plate 0.10mm, Tin plate0.1mm
4. Wire spacing: Minimum:Gold plate 0.10mm, Tin plate0.1mm
5. Gold plate: nickel layer thickness:≧2.5μ,Gold layer thickness: 0.05-0.1μm or according to customer requirements
6. HASL: tin layer thickness:≧2.5-5μ
7. Paneling: Line-to-edge minimum distance: 0.15mm hole to edge minimum distance: 0.15mm smallest form tolerance: ± 0.1mm
8. Socket chamfer: Angle: 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees Depth: 1-3mm
9. V Cut: Angle: 30 degrees, 35 degrees, 45 degrees Depth: thickness 2/3 Minimum size: 80mm * 80mm
PET Membrane Switch Overlay Applications:
1. The mobile phone
Focuses on the flexible circuit board light weight and thin thickness. Can effectively save the volume of products, easy connection of the battery, microphone, and buttons and into one.
2. Computer and LCD screen
Use the one line configuration of flexible circuit boards, and thin thickness. The digital signal into the picture, through the LCD screen
3. CD player
Focuses on three dimensional assembly characteristics of flexible circuit boards and thin thickness. The huge CD to carry around


Q1. What information will I have to provide for price?

A:To offer the exact price, we hope customers could inform us the material, specification as thickness, size, with adhesive or not, how many colors for printings, contact details, quantity required, Size and Shape with artwork files.

Q2. What is your terms of payment?
A:For large quantity,T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery;samples or small quantity will need to pay all before production.

Q3. How about your delivery time?
A: After the engineering drawing is confirmed, the sample will be completed in 5 days, and after the sample is confirmed, the mass goods will be completed in 10 days.The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.