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Silicone Rubber Membrane Switch Panel Sticker Durable With Multiple Keys

Silicone Rubber Membrane Switch Panel Sticker Durable With Multiple Keys

  • High Light

    membrane panel switch


    membrane key switches


    Silicone Rubber Membrane Switch Panel

  • Material
  • Color
    Multi Colors
  • Printing
    Silk Screen
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
    TKM MS
  • Certification
    ISO9001:2008, SGS,Rohs
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    100 pcs
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Polybag per pcs,50 per cartoon
  • Delivery Time
    15-20 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T or L/C
  • Supply Ability
    100000 Pieces per month

Silicone Rubber Membrane Switch Panel Sticker Durable With Multiple Keys


Multiple Keys, Rubber Membrane Switch Panel Sticker With Heat Resisting





Silicone Keypad are the most popular user interface for a variety of reasons. They offer design flexibility at a low per unit cost. Some of the design options include:

1) Integrate Multiple Silicone Colors

2) Choose From a Variety of Materials

3) Print Multiple Colors for Text and Legends

4) Laser Etched Legends for Back Lighting

5) Coating Options for Increased Durability

6) Chemical and Environmental Resistance

7) Liquid Injection Molded Products

8) Plastic Key Caps

9) Metal Keypads - Durable Construction, Custom & Stock Designs

10) Carbon, Gold, and Copper Contacts



Quick Detail:



Silicone MS

Life time

>1 Million times





3M467 adhesive & PET/PC

Insulation resistance

<100MΩ,250V DC







1) The backlight applications: all kinds of electric computers, laptops, handheld game consoles, telephones, electronic organizers, electronic dictionaries, audio equipment, control panels, microwave oven control panel, fax machines, copiers, watches ,etc.

2) Automotive: Car instrument panel, warning lights, vehicle exteriors, decorative door bar, third brake light, etc.

3) Architecture and interior applications: elevator floor marking, labeling instructions escape, decorative wall lights, night landscape decorative building, interior decorating

4) Toys, gifts: all kinds of toys, light source, light frame, EL photo, Valentine's cards, badges and other consumer product applications

5) Public places of business equipment, machinery: bus stop, public phone booths, coin-drinks machine on the bus route licensing, etc.





Contact resistance

10 to 500Ω (varied from the trace length and material)

Tactile type life expectancy

1,000,000 closures or more

Maximum circuit rating

35V DC, 100mA, 1W

Operating temperature

-40 to +80C

Storage temperature

-40 to +85C

Tactile type actuation force

150 to 400g (6 to 14oz)

Contact bounce

5ms or less

Dielectric withstand

250Vrms (50 to 60Hz/minute)

Tactile type switch stroke

0.6 to 1.5mm

Insulation resistance

100MΩ at 100V

Surface hardness

3H or more

Operating humidity

90 to 95%RH (at 40C ) for 240 hours



If you need keypads for an electronic product that you’re creating, you should consider using silicone rubber keyboards. There are many benefits to incorporating silicone rubber keypads into your design plans. Let’s take a look at several of the advantages that come along with silicone rubber keypads below.

Silicone rubber keypads are comfortable to use.
If workers or customers are constantly punching away at the keypad, they’re going to experience some discomfort if it’s made out of plastic. Silicone rubber keypads, on the other hand, will prove to be very comfortable since all of the keys will be as soft and as smooth as they can be. People will actually enjoy using their keypads when they’re made using silicone rubber.

They’re both waterproof and dustproof.
Water and dust are two of the biggest enemies of all electronic products. When you create silicone rubber keypads for your electronics, those who use them won’t have to worry about water and dust at all. Silicone rubber keypads are waterproof and dustproof and will prevent moisture or dust from making their way into an electronic. This will really come in handy for those companies creating electronics that are going to be used by commercial clients.

They’re an affordable option.
While silicone rubber keypads come jam-packed with benefits, you won’t have to pay a fortune to get your hands on them. In general, these types of keypads are a lot less costly than other types of keypads. You’re going to have to make an investment into any keypads you purchase, but you won’t have to make a huge one when you choose silicone rubber keypads.



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