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Conductive Silver Ink Membrane Keyboard With Plastic Case

Conductive Silver Ink Membrane Keyboard With Plastic Case

  • High Light

    Conductive Silver Ink Membrane Keyboard


    ISO9001 Membrane Keyboard


    SGS Membrane Control Panel

  • Application
    Home Appliance
  • Circuit Type
    Conductive Silver Ink
  • Contact Type
    2.54mm Pitch Female Connector
  • Printing
    Multi Colors
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001 2015,SGS,Material certs
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    USD/per piece
  • Packaging Details
    Carton packing
  • Delivery Time
    18-20 days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    100000pcs per month

Conductive Silver Ink Membrane Keyboard With Plastic Case

Custom Design Electric Control Keyboard With Plastic Case


Membrane Keyboard vs Mechanical Keyboard:

Which One You Should Use?​


There are many ranges of keyboards from many different makers out there, most of whom are either membrane keyboards or mechanical keyboards. Being a typist I used many different keyboards over the years, all with their different benefits or downfalls. Some feel good on my hands, others not so. When you do a lot of work or a lot of gaming, you want something that will perform well to your fingers. Now not all keyboards are made the same granted that some are made better than others even if they are similar. Today we'll introduce the membrane keypad.

What is a Membrane Keyboard

Let’s get down to business with the first type of keyboard called a membrane, it uses 3 different layers in it design, which are very flexible. The first layer is called the top membrane layer, under the top there is a conductive trace. When the key is pressed, it moves thru the second layer which is made up of holes, allowing the pressure pads that are located under each key to pass through, and make contact with the conductive traces on top of the bottom membrane layer.

Conductive Silver Ink Membrane Keyboard With Plastic Case 0

There are two types of designs that are used. One is the flat key design, which is commonly used on microwave ovens. The keys in this design are printed on the same pad, It still uses an pressure pad, but because it provides no notable “physical feedback”, it makes it hard to use on a computer keyboard, which typist rely on physical feedbacks to blink type.

The other type called dome switch keyboard, which uses a dome with printed letters on top, sometimes they are printed on or laser stretched. This type of keyboard uses a rubber or a silicone keypad that comes with domes as the top membrane layer. When the domes being press down, they collapse, and the graphite under the dome will complete the circuit underneath the membrane pad, thereby sent signal of a key being pressed.

Pros of Membrane Keyboards

Similar typing experience to mechanical keyboard
The dome switch keyboard uses rubber or silicone domes to simulate the spring structure of mechanical keyboard, which gives this type of keyboard solid physical feedbacks. Although there is difference between the typing experience of membrane keyboard and those of mechanical keyboard, with the advance of technology, the gap between them is getting smaller.


  • Relatively Quiet

While typing on any keyboard with a high speed can be loud, membrane keyboard have better reputation than mechanical keyboards when it comes to typing sound volume. Some mechanical keyboard, especially the blue switches, can be very loud, although it may not be a bad thing as some typists enjoy this sound.

More Portable
Membrane keyboards usually are usually made of plastic, making it lighter than mechanical keyboard, which has a larger proposition of metal gears. You can easily carry a light membrane keyboard and type on your lap if you want to


  • Affordable

As membrane keyboards can be made with common materials and matured technology, a membrane keyboard will be more affordable than a mechanical keyboard that comes with the same features.

  • Cleaning

Since the top surface is waterproof,can wipe dirt easily.


  • Lifespan

Lifeservice of dome can reach to 1 million at least,therefore having a lifespan of millions of key presses and lasts for years.